In this world, there are 3 types of people. Superheroes, villains, and the mundanes that fear both. Which will you be?
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 Greatings to all

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Damian Ashford


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PostSubject: Greatings to all   Tue Apr 06, 2010 8:21 am

Damian Ashford. He was the headmaster of the school. He sat on a chair at the head of the teatchers dinning table. Today was the day 'most' of the students came. Looking out at the crowd he spoted a few new faces. One was a tall blonde kid probally 16 17 maybe. Than a blacked hired kid maybe 15 16. Damian was never good with ages. He saw a hawiian boy and a girl who looked a bit wolfish. He hoped to befriend some during the year.

Slowly he stood up and walked to the to a stand. "Hello students" he said. His voice was but a whisper but it carryed along to all. "I am the headmaster of this school". As he said that a few wide eyes looked up. Most thinking how could a old man be the head of a school for super powerd kids. "Here we will show you how to use your 'gifts'. What you do with after that will be up to you. Will you help others and fight for good. Or join the ranks of the 'others'." he said.The others. They were an army, of villians. Focused of taking more and more kids with 'gifts'. Eventually going to destory all Heros have tried to establish. "Now you may all have different powers. May i be Water, fire, healing, trasformation, or flight. The concepts are the same".

"I welcome you all to the school. To end on a good note I have a demistration". He held up hs hands and fire blasted out of both hands. The fire was almost like molten lava. It colected into a sphere above him. Than came shooting down on Damian. It hit him and dissapered. He and the lva were gone, all you saw were scorth marks on the floor. After the shook most students went back to eatting. Most anyway.[right]
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Lucien Davis


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PostSubject: Re: Greatings to all   Thu Apr 08, 2010 3:22 pm

Lucien watched the headmaster's speech with a look of boredom on his face. He had read this kind of thing happening in books before. It was same old, same old. The speech saying it was their choice what they did with their powers, but behind it was the hope that they would use them for good. And if not, then they would be hunted down.

Ha! Let them hunt me down.... I'll take em all on and beat em. I can't be killed, after all. What do I have to be scared of? Lucien thought to himself. He was overly confident in his abilities. His power over fire hadn't fully developed and wasn't at it's strongest yet, but it was still powerful. But his faith in his healing ability wasn't misplaced. He had already died and come back, so he knew death wouldn't take him. And if he couldn't die, then what did he have to be scared of?

And then Damien showed off his ability, and disappeared in a sphere of fire. When the fire had gone, so had the headmaster.

"Holy shit!" Lucien exclaimed, turning to Spot who was sitting next to him. "Dude, did you see that? Think I might be able to do that sometime?"

This was the first shock he had had since he had come to this 'school', if it could be called that. And the 'others' sounded like an interesting bunch of people... maybe he would drop in on them sometime. Recruit some people to his cause. Or not. He didn't want mass murderers to join his ranks of saviours.

He decided there and then that he would be staying at this school. If he could learn to control his abilities and develop tham as far as the old man had, then there would be no stopping him. Not that anyone had a chance anyway....
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Theo Nikolas

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PostSubject: Re: Greatings to all   Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:24 pm

Spot looked around for anyone he might know. Really it wasn't as crazy as you think. H had saw Mel and Logan though he kept his distance. Right now he was sitting with Lucien and a few other kids. The food here was pretty good. Spot was thinking about 'The others' he wondered who they were. They sounded kinda cool. Spot wondered what else he could do with his powers.

Than it happened. The headmaster shot up lava and hithimself with it. When Spot looked the Headmaster was gone and so was the lava. Spot's mouth hung in an 'o' form. "Holy shit" was yelled by Lucien and about evreyother kid here. "Jesus" he said. He was taken back how cool was that!. I mean really that was beastly. He wondered if Lucien could do that latter on.
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Carian Roberts


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PostSubject: Re: Greatings to all   Wed May 05, 2010 2:13 pm

((lol Thanks for the reference XD))

Carian looked around, wandering if there was anyone here she knew. She'd met Lucien before, and briefly seen Spot. But she didn't fancy going up to the older boy, or the one around her age.
She vaguely listened to the Headmaster rant about something or other. But two things caught her attention. First of all was the mention of the "others". What others? she was about to ask, when the teacher practically blew himself up.
"Jesus Christ!" she yelled, jumping back...and crashing into someone who was carrying a plate of food.
"I'm so sorry!" she said, both of them dripping food.
First I bite someone, now I chuck food on someone...I won't last a week in this school. she thought warily.
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PostSubject: Re: Greatings to all   

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Greatings to all
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