In this world, there are 3 types of people. Superheroes, villains, and the mundanes that fear both. Which will you be?
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 First Lesson in Persuasion.

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Adora Loveseed

Adora Loveseed

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PostSubject: First Lesson in Persuasion.   Sun Jul 11, 2010 4:59 am

Adora Loveseed walked into her average class, slightly nervous. She'd never taught before, and wasn't sure how well she would connect with the children. She was slightly worried about how many would actually turn up, if any. The school had a strict policy for the students to only go to the lessons that they thought would benefit them. Maybe the physical ones wouldn't show up... but she hoped the weaker ones would.
She sat down by her desk and waited, fingers tapping on the wood.
She wrote on her blackboard, "Persuasion, taught by Neutral Adora Loveseed. A class for villains and heroes. More will be explained," and sat back down, tapping her fingers again nervously on the desk.
"Come on," she muttered, her salmon nail varnish chipping slightly. "Damn," she muttered, ceasing to tap her fingers.

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Scarlet Rayne

Scarlet Rayne

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PostSubject: Re: First Lesson in Persuasion.   Sun Jul 11, 2010 1:09 pm

Scarlet walked into the class. Her mood wasn't the best today. Her powers were giveing her trouble, thismorning when she had picked up sock it froze in her grasp. Usually, if her mood was fine, her powers only worked when she told them to. But this morning for some reason her powers wanted that sock frozen. Also she let out an exasperated breath and the room had a thin film of ice on it when she left. So her mood just then wasn't inviteing. She was wearing her normal trench coat, along with sperries, cordroy pants, and a tye die shirt. Her long brown hair was neatly plaited to the side. She walked in and saw the professor. "Hello Professor, I asume your day has started better than mine." sh said with eyes slightly down cast. She took a seat and glanced at the board "persuasion? How would we do that?" she thought
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Carian Roberts

Carian Roberts

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PostSubject: Re: First Lesson in Persuasion.   Sun Jul 11, 2010 2:38 pm

Adora laughed, "Oh I wouldn't bet on it." she lied in a bid to cheer the young girl up. There was a few people in the class, and one put their hand up and asked what the class entailed.
"Well class," she started, pacing the room. "My power is persuasion," she smiled before fixing her stare on a pupil at the front. "Won't you come here?" she asked, in a cold voice. The pupil rose up and stood to her. "Now go sit back down. Don't forget a yodel at the end."
They boy did as he was told, along with the yodel and the class giggled.
"My class is about me teaching you how to be persuasive. For instance, if you catch a hero or a villain and want to...oh I don't know, want to know the code for disarming a bomb or something. You need to be persuasive enough to do so. You can't stutter and potter around like a fool." she said, smiling again. "My class is essential for the less aggressive and physical powers here. So pay attention." she said.

((Woops, wrong person!))
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PostSubject: Re: First Lesson in Persuasion.   

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First Lesson in Persuasion.
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